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Magnolia Saints

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 On this page I will tell you a little bit about each of my pets.

Sir Khazar Blue (Zar) - Male.
Zar is a Siberian Husky from Blue Earth, Minn. He is quite a talker and is a little on the shy side. but I think he was raised in a very small box from birth until i got him at 3 months old. He is a good boy though and very much loved here. Sadly we lost Zar in Jan of 2008. He will be so missed :( But I know know he is running over the Rainbow Bridges with old friends and meeting many new ones.
Cool Whip - Female
Cool Whip is a Siberian Husky from Adoptahusky in ILL. She is the Queen here at the Nevaeh Kennels. She isn't much of a talker but you know what she needs just by talking to her. she is very sweet.
Keeva - Male
Keeva is a Siberian Husky that I rescued from the N.C. animal control on the very day he was to be PTS! He is beautiful and came home already house broke and well mannered. He is a wonderful baby and blended in nicely to his new home. 1-13-06 update Keeva now lives with my brother and enjoys road trips to Florida and the beach.
Cee's Whispers at Night (Willow) - Male
Willow is a long haired Siberian Husky. He will be 2 years old in Dec.04. His life started out great but things quickly changed once he went to his new home. Seems his new daddy didn't like him much and it wasn't long and he was being abused. So off to GA. we went and Willow became the next baby here at the Nevaeh Kennels. Willow is a very loving boy. Likes to play and is very gentle when he does.
Miss Morgan Noel - Female
Morgan is my first Saint Bernard. She will be 1 year old on Oct 25,04. She is as sweet as she is beautiful! She totally spoiled me. I have never seen such a good dog, ever! She is jsut like have a baby in the house. She talks to me.. woo woos and all! She is so kind to people and other dogs, but she is a barker! She even barks at the night when she goes outside. She is wonderful to have here.
Faeriesteed's Dream Weaver (Chester) - Male
Chester is 5 months old (Sept.2004) and a lover boy. He loves everyone! He is such a cutie pie. This boy is going to be a big guy.  we love him bunches and he is wonderful to have home with us.

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Have you hugged your fur-babies today?