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Magnolia Saints

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Meet Our Family
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Beth and Axel are brother and sister and do have their share of arguements but they love each other so much. I am so proud of them and proud to be their mom. They have made my life so wonderful. Someone asked me once, what one thing in life are you the most proud of... my reply, becoming a mother.

Beth and Axel

Beth is 20 years old and is such a sweet and kind loving person. She loves frogs. Soon she will need a room just for all her froggie things. :)


Beth met Tom the summer we moved to North Carolina.

Beth and Tom, her boyfriend of 3 years

Axel is 18 years old. He is a wonderful son! Very loving and warm hearted. He has wanted a snake for a very long time. I finally gave in and here is his snake, Alice. Of course I have held him... but I will not feed him! LOL

Axel and Alice

This is my husband, Dave. This is just another playful night with the furkids.

Daddy and Chester... who's the boss?

Sweet Chester kisses for Mommy!

Mommy and Chester

Have you hugged your fur-babies today?